Monday, October 20, 2014

October 2012

Headed to the Utah game with our favorite grandmas.
Grammy Ann, Kennedy, and Grandma Karen

Kennedy and Grammy Ann

Grandpa Jimmy, Kennedy, and Grammy Ann

Someone got a little tired. 

Kennedy and Lexi

Lexi at 5 months

Kristin went on a trip to St. Louis, MO for work.  Kristin was still pumping milk for Lexi.  Kristin had an early flight and the last thing she did was pump.  You are suppose to clean the pieces of the pump after each use.  Kristin forgot to pack two rather important parts in order to pump.  Kristin planned to pump on the plane because the layover was not very long.  When she went to pump the cups of the pump were not in the bag.  Kristin pumped about 5:00 AM mountain time and didn't get to pump until the group ate dinner and ran to the store to buy the spare parts.  Note to self "remember everything."

Blake's grandpa Jack has been in the nursing home for some time.  He often liked visitors.  We never get there enough.  But when we do, we sure like to document the girls with Grandpa Jack. 
Grandpa Jack and Lexi

Blake's aunt crocheted the beautiful blanket and booties.  She also did this for Kennedy, unfortunately never took any pictures with them on for Kennedy.  Kristin also wanted Lexi to have her own to pass down to her daughter.  She was so gracious enough to do so.  

 Kennedy on the right and Lexi on the left.
Cheeks are a dead give away they are sisters. 
Kennedy is six months and Lexi is five months.

Pre-school went on another field trip again.  This time to the fire station.  It was daddy daughter.  Blake took Kennedy. 
Kennedy with Kate Juber

Look who is drivin' to come put the fire out.

Kennedy is learning how to provide medical care.

Love when babies are just so tired to eat, they fall asleep in their high chair.

Lexi is six months old. 

Lexi  6 month appointment:
Height:  24.5 inches, 11%
Weight:  13 pounds, 14 ounces, 12%
Head Circumference:  16.5 inches, 34%

Kennedy loves when Payzlee is sleeping with her. 

Harper and Lexi playing at grandma and grandpa Lindsay's.

It is not fair a 3 year old has this kind and amount of hair.  Lucky girl.

Fall softball and the girls watching daddy.

Pre-school Halloween Program
Kendall, Trevin Roskelly, Kennedy, Trevin Crabtree, Snow White, Kate Juber
Kennedy dressed up as Rapunzel.
Our little "pumpkins"

Kennedy loves her picture taken


My mom has for years being combing her hair like the lady from "Throw Mama
from the Train."  Pretty sure my brother started this.  Finally this year she
dressed up as the mom in the movie from "Throw Mama from the Train." 
This has seriously been one of the best Halloween costumes she has even wore in my opinion.  

Darren the cowboy

Finally Lexi the zebra

Blake's attempt at dressing up.  Kennedy thought it would be funny for her dad to put on her wig.   

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